🤖What's Supervisely

Supervisely is computer vision platform for researchers and companies to annotate and manage datasets, train neural networks and much more.

Unlike other platforms, Supervisely is built like OS: instead of having a huge monolith, Supervisely creates a foundation for developing and running applications called Supervisely Apps.

Supervisely is available online for free, as well as an on-premise edition for enterprises.

With Supervisely you can

  • Label images, videos, 3D point clouds, volumetric slices and other data in the best labeling toolboxes.

  • Manage and track annotation workflow at scale with teams, workspaces, roles and labeling jobs.

  • Train neural networks on your custom datasets or use pre-trained models to speed up manual labeling.

  • Use the best machine learning tools, visualize and improve your data with hundreds of applications from Ecosystem

What's next?

The best way to explore Supervisely is to try it out — so don't wait and create an account (it's completely free!). Here are some things to start with:

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Beyond the documentation

If you are interested in learning more about Supervisely, you may find those resources interesting:

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