Moving Instance

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to move an existing Supervisely instance from one machine/cloud to another machine/cloud? It's actually very easy.

Step 1. Find where your Supervisely data and configuration is located

First, we need to transfer data and configuration files to the new machine. Run the following commands:

  • sudo supervisely where — where your instance configuration is at

  • sudo supervisely where config — where your cli configuration is at

  • sudo supervisely where data — where your data is at

Step 2. Stop the original server

Run sudo supervisely stop on the first machine to stop the original instance. You can run it back again via sudo supervisely up -d after completing this manual.

Step 3. Transfer files to the new server

Create the same folders on the new server and copy contents. For example, your command to move data could look like this:

rsync -azP /opt/supervisely new_server:/opt/supervisely
# rsync -azP /opt/supervisely/config new_server:/opt/supervisely/config
# rsync -azP /opt/supervisely/data new_server:/opt/supervisely/data

Step 4. Install Supervisely on a new machine

Install supervisely-cli, run sudo sueprvisely install-all and run supervisely init. Your license has already been copied on the previous step — just wait a bit for the installation to complete and you are good to go!

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