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Notifications via email

Email notification available only for labeling jobs. Notifications are available only if the "Send notifications" field is filled.
To activate email notifications add SMTP_MAILING_CREDENTIALS and NOTIFICATIONS_EMAIL variables to .env file. For example:
SMTP_MAILING_CREDENTIALS=smtps://username:[email protected]

Notifications via endpoint

If you need to get notifications on your server you can specify NOTIFICATIONS_URL variable in .env file. For example:
Notifications in the following format will be sent to specified url:
"id": 301,
"createdAt": "2020-04-27T11:32:28.003Z",
"status": "unread",
"userId": 1,
"groupId": 1,
"type": "job_assigned",
"meta": {
"id": 455,
"teamTitle": "admin",
"title": "Annotation Job (#1)"
"title": "New job assigned",
"description": "\"Annotation Job (#1)\" was assigned to you"
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