You can think of a Project as a superfolder with data and metadata, like classes and tags. Every dataset inside the project will share the same metadata and have the same classes and tags defined on the project-level.

Projects List

At the "Projects" page you can view all projects you have in the current workspace.

Please note the โ‹ฎ ("three dots") icon in the bottom right corner of a project. From here (we call it a "content menu") you can perform many important activities related to the project: for example: like clone, run app for project or delete a project.

How to create a Project

Wait, there is no "Create" button on this page. So how do I create one?

You can take a sample project from the ecosystem.

Import Data

Upload images, videos or other files from your computer at the "Import" page. You will be asked to provide a name for a Project โ€” and after successful import, you will have one.

Add using API

If you want to automate the process of adding new data, it's a way to go! We have a powerful API and SDK that lets you start in no time.

Project Type

At the moment we support:

  • Images

  • Videos

  • 3D Point Clouds


You can see a project type in the top left corner of a project card.

Cards & table views

At the Project page you can change how to list projects and datasets: as cards or as a table. You can switch the view by clicking the icon at the most right side of the page.

Filter & sort projects

Show only specific projects and datasets by multiple parameters, including project type, labeling job, author and so on.

Data Commander

You can also find the list of your projects across all of your teams and workspaces by navigating to the Data Commander. There, you can move or copy both projects, datasets, images and even project metadata.

Trash Bin

You can remove one or multiple projects and datasets by selecting them using checkboxes and clicking the โ€œMove to Trashโ€ button. This wonโ€™t delete your data immediately โ€” you can learn more in the Storage Cleanup section.

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