A user in a particular team is called "member". Every user can be a member of one, many or even zero teams, but a team cannot exist without at least one member. Members can leave the team at any moment, but only team's admin can remove other members from the team.


Each team member has a role in the team that specifies what kind of actions they can do. For example, admin can invite new members, while developer cannot. The same user can have different roles in different teams.

At the moment the following roles are available:

  • Admin: Has full access in the team. Admin can invite new team members and remove entities created by the other team members.

  • Developer: Similar to the admin, but can only remove entities created by themself and cannot invite new members to the team.

  • Manager: Has no access to things like Neural Networks, but can view and modify Projects & Labeling Jobs

  • Annotator: Has access only to a single page, Labeling Jobs.

  • Reviewer: Same as Annotator, but can also create new labeling jobs

  • Viewer: Can only view items in team

Every team must have at least one admin, but can have two or more.

Roles are especially important when annotating with labeling jobs.

Here is the full list of roles permissions:

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