Starting with Neural Networks

In Supervisely you can do much more than just labeling, and of the most important features of the platforms in our unique ecosystem for machine learning, that unifies the best models, AI tools for analysis and model improvement, plus numerous applications built on top.
Apart from many other platforms, Supervisely is built like an OS for Computer Vision. Because of that, we made possible integration of the best machine learning models and tools on our platform. Instead of trying to put various models inside a black box, the Ecosystem of the best models and tools integrated as Supervisely Apps.
A good start for understanding how Neural Networks work in Supervisely would be Part 4 of our video course “Computer Vision with Supervisely”

Deploy an Agent

Before you start training or running neural networks, you would need to connect your PC or a cloud server with GPU to Supervisely by running a simple command in your terminal. That will allow you to train neural networks and run inference right from the Supervisely web interface. You can find information on how to do this here.