Label hours-long videos without cutting them into images. In your browser, with multi-track timeline, built-in object tracking and segments tagging tools.

Label video, not just bunch of images

Apart from many other labeling software, Supervisely lets you work with your video files without cropping them into images first.

To archive this, we designed a video player, capable of handling hours-long videos, yet precisely switching between individual frames right in your web browser.

Timeline panel keeps you focused on labeling, not roaming around frames

It’s easy to get frustrated with thousands of frames and objects labeled.

Video timeline panel provides overall structure, answers questions like what is already labeled and simplifies editing tag segments and tracked objects.

Speed up labeling with AI-assistance

Video labeling toolbox has countless features, but most importantly, it provides integrations with the best AI models that dramatically improve your labeling performance. For example:

  • MixFormer for bounding box detection and tracking

  • RITM and SAM for mask segmentation and tracking

  • TAP-Net for polygon segmentation and tracking

You can check this short video to get an overview on AI capabilities in the video labeling toolbox:

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