Is Supervisely free?

Supervisely is 100% free as long as you don't use it for commercial projects.

If you want to launch a commercial for your company, please contact us at hello@supervisely.com.

Who has rights to the data?

Your data is yours.

We respect your privacy and when you create an account you don't grant us any rights to your data, except for the ones that needs for the application functioning. We don't use your data for any commercial or non-commercial purposes and share it with nobody. You can learn more in the terms of service.

Do you have an on-premises version?

We do! Drop us an email at hello@supervisely.com or fill the form here.

What does โ€œSuperviselyโ€ mean?

The name Supervisely comes from machine learning term supervised learning โ€” when we use a known dataset (called the training dataset) to make predictions. And, well, Supervisely is all about datasets and using them to build models.

Origins of Supervisely

It's not unusual when internal tools become public projects. Supervisely was first developed as a solution to deal with everyday task of large datasets annotation. We hope that you will like Supervisely as much as we do and it'll become your favourite tool too ๐ŸŽ‰.

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