Follow this guide to upgrade your current Supervisely instance.

Step-by-step manual

Step 1. Update Supervisely CLI

Make sure you're using the latest Supervisely CLI:

sudo supervisely self-update

Step 2. Backup + Update + Deploy

One single command to handle them all:

sudo supervisely upgrade

To be sure you can always go back to any previous versions we make automatic backups every time you run the sudo supervisely upgrade command.

We backup configuration and database files only:

  • Configuration folder: directory where you have your docker-compose.yml and .env files. We usually choose /opt/supervisely or /supervisely, but if you have installed Supervisely yourself, this folder can be somewhere else.

  • Database folder: sometimes your upgrade requires database migration so it's a good idea to backup the db before. Database files are stored in ${DATA_PATH}/db. Default value is /supervisely/data/db.

Step 3. Check your new version

Wait a couple minutes and open Supervisely. Everything should work fine and you can start using the new functionality.


My agent changed its status to WAITING: There are two possible reasons - either agents were disconnected during the update (in this case just wait a couple more minutes), or you forgot to set SERVER_ADDRESS in .env.

Nothing works now. How do I go back?: In case of any problems with the new release it's easy to go back to a previous version. Just replace your new configuration files with the previous ones from the backup, do the same with the database folder and hit supervisely up -d once again.

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