Train custom Neural Networks

Why train models in Supervisely

  • Get started in one click: don't waste dozens of hours figuring out how to install, configure and adapt another model from the Internet - we've done the hard part for you.

  • Convenient user interface. With the simplified way we create interfaces using Supervisely Apps, we can add a GUI to make it easier to interact with the integrated code.

  • Deployment on any computer. Run the auto-generated command in a terminal to launch Supervisely Agent and simply deploy new training tasks with a few clicks.

  • We work together as a team. Because these models and tools now work online instead of on your personal computer, you can easily share and collaborate with your team members.

  • Integration with other applications: a project converted into an application has access to the entire ecosystem: import from different formats, visualization, exploration and much more!

Some examples of the train dashboards:

Step-by-step tutorials on training models in Supervisely:

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