Video tracking

One of the most common tasks in the video labeling toolbox is the video tracking. Supervisely has the top AI models and automatic video annotation tools you can use to efficiently track objects on videos.

Deploying an AI tracking model

Apart from other solutions, Supervisely is built like an OS. Instead of having a fixed number of video tracking algorithms, we provide a constantly growing Ecosystem of the best models. Pick the one you like, deploy it on your agent, select it in the Track Settings panel โ€” and enjoy! (ัะบั€ะธัˆะพะฝ ะฟะฐะฝะตะปะธ).

For our Community Edition users we have a MixFormer model deployed on our GPUs and shared with everyone โ€” but you can always run an agent on your computer and deploy any other model you like!

Some of the integrated AI tracking models:

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